We bridge the Internet gap by bringing
the best wired connection possible.

Who we are

Bridgewired LLC came into existence through the tireless efforts of a small community in a state of dismal hopelessness that high speed Internet would ever grace rural American communities. It began as a neighborhood effort and is being perpetuated by a mutual frustration of limited options, mediocracy of available services, and the blatant mistreatment of customers by big cable and Internet providers. Bridgewired is growing through hard work, generous investors, and community interest, and will soon be servicing even more areas in Warren, Greene, and Clinton Counties.

What makes us different

Today Bridgewired operates a 100% fiber-optic network that provides Internet to the home that rivals the speeds of every competitor in our area, our network bandwidth is symmetrical, what that equates to is blazing fast upload and download speeds. Everyone should have access to the very best when it comes to Internet services and we intend to deliver just that. No catch, no surprises, ever.

Our commitment

At Bridgewired our business model is simple. We are committed to providing premium Internet services along with customer service that shows our dedication to our community. We will never become desensitized to the needs of our customers. We are striving to be a different type of Internet provider. We were formed by friends and neighbors and are growing with this same dedication, you can’t get much more personal than that!