Standard Internet

Speeds up to 200 x 200 Mbps


Unlimited Data

Blazing Fast Internet

Stream endlessly

100% fiber optics

Transmit data faster

No Equipment fees

Check Availabilty

What makes our service so differnet?

Cutting Edge
With fiber-optic Internet you’re getting the latest in cutting edge technology. Fiber-optics transmits data over very small flexible strands of glass that transmit light allowing data to be sent faster over greater distances.

Dedicated Line
Unlike cable each fiber-optic subscriber receives their own dedicated line, which enables more consistent speed.

More Reliable
Fiber-optics is considered more reliable and is immune to many of the conditions that other connections are not.

Smaller Local Company
We care about all of our customers and how you are enjoying the service. We will always tell the truth, work hard to make you happy, and do everything we can to get you the best service possible.